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Flame Proof Motors Ex (d)
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The BBL range of Flame proof Ex (d) Type "MD" motors are from 0.37 Kw ( Frame 80) to 90 Kw ( Frame 280M). Motors are also offered in multi speed and non standard outputs / voltages / frequencies. FLP energy efficient motors are also available.Salient Features of Flame Proof Motors :

1. Mechanical features :
Types of construction : Standard motors are designed for foot mounting (B3). These are also suitable for B6, B7, B8, V5, V6 mounting without any change.

Motors can be supplied in flange mounting (B5). These motors will also be suitable for V1 & V3 mounting without any change.
The flame proof motors manufactured by BBL are suitable for ignition groups G1 to G4 as per VDE 0170/0171or Temperature Class T1 to T4 as per IS 6381.

2. Main Characteristics
* Sturdy housing which prevents an internal explosion from spreading to the outside and resists the explosion pressure.
* Robust bearing shields and caps bolted to the frame in such a manner that the gaps remain unaffected in the event of an internal explosion.
* Screen on air intake with a mesh size not exceeding 8 mm.
* External earth terminals
* Protective earth conductor terminal in the terminal box.
* Ex (d) mark on the motor.
* CMRI certificate No., CCE & DGFASLI certificate No. & ISI Licence mark on the name plate.
* Special varnishing and painting treatment to resist highly corrosive atmosphere.

3. Enclosure Design : The frame, end shields, terminal boxes and bearing covers of all motors are made of grey cast iron. The motors are so designed that the frame temperature will remain below the ignition temperature of the gas-air mixture.

4. Insulation : All motors of standard design are provided with Class F insulation with temperature rise limited to Class`B'.
All cast iron parts forming the flame proof enclosures are subject to hydraulic pressure test, after final machining as per IS : 2148

5. Cooling : All motors have bi-directional cast iron or fabricated fans.

6. Terminal Box Location : flame proof motors have terminal box on the top as standard. Side terminal box can be offered on request for frame sizes 132M & above.

7. Cable Entries : Motors for mining application (Gas Group I ) are provided with cable entries with compound filling sealing boxes suitable for paper insulated lead covered double wired armoured (PILCDWA) PVC cables. Cable entries with flameproof cable glands can also be provided to suit PVC armoured cables. (for application in hazardous area Gas groups IIA & IIB only.).

Motors in all frame sizes can be supplied with termination suitable for plug & socket arrangement, against enquiry.
A cable sealing box is mandatory for all motors for use for Gas Group. 1 & Oil Mines.

Increased Safety Squirrel Cage Motors Ex(e)
The BBL range of Increased safety Ex (e) Type " ME" motors are from 0.12 Kw ( Frame 63) to 90 Kw ( Frame 280M). Motors are also offered in multi speed and non standard outputs / voltages / frequencies. Increased safety energy efficient motors are also available.

Salient Features of Increased Safety Motors :
Terminals and Connection: External connections of client's power cable to the motor terminals in terminal box must be rigidly gripped and secured against loosening and twisting. This is achieved with the help of a specially designed Terminal Plate provided in the Terminal Box.

Terminal Box: The motors in frame size 63 to 80 and 180 to 280 are provided with terminal box on top. Side T Box can be provided on request in frame sizes 180 & above. The terminal box for frame size 90S to 160L is fitted on the right hand side, seen from the driving end. Terminal box on left-hand side can also be provided in frame size 90S to 160L, if specified clearly in the order.

An earthing terminal is provided in the Terminal Box.
Terminal Boxes in frame sizes 63 to 280M can be rotated through 360° in steps to 90° to suit the cable location.
Air-gap: Radial air-gap of the motors is such that the minimum air gap values specified in IS: 6381 are fully satisfied.

Enclosure: Increased Safety Motors have a degree of protection IP55 in accordance with IS: 4691 as a standard feature. In addition, all flange motors (B5 & B14) have OTS protection. Motors with V1, V5 and V18 mountings are provided with a canopy fitted on the top of the fan cowl.

Winding and Rotor Cage: The stator winding and rotor cage are so designed that the limiting temperature specified in IS: 6381 are not exceeded even at the end of time tE.

Name Plate: Stainless steel name Plate is provided with each motor. Over and above the normal name plate details, other data such as time tE, starting current, temperature-Classes, type of protection, approval certification, etc. are also provided.

Paint : Acid Alkalie Proof epoxy paint is provided on all motors.
Certification: ME motors are approved by Chief Controller of Explosives, Nagpur. A declaration to this effect is incorporated on the name plate.

Non Sparking Squirrel Motors type Ex(n)
Salient Features of Non Sparking Motors Ex (n) :
Type of protection 'n' provides protection against auto-ignition of surrounding gases/vapours. These motors conform to IS: 8289 & IS: 9628 and can be used in zone 2 areas. The special features of motors with type 'n' protection are:-

1. The surface temperature does not exceed 200°C i.e. Temperature class T3.
2. The Terminal Box has degree of protection IP55.
3. A drain plug is provided on the end shields to remove condensed water.
4. The terminal plate is of a special design such that the terminals are protected against loosening under vibrations.
5. The radial air gap of the motors is such that the minimum air gap values specified in IS: 6381 are fully satisfied.
Manufacturing range:

Ex (n) motors type `MN' are offered in standard frame sizes. The performance of these motors is same as those of `MA' motors. Please refer to our standard motor catalogue for performance and dimensional details.

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