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L&T Switchgear
A to Z in Low Voltage Switchgear

Electrical Standard Products

ACB - Range from 400A to 6400A

MCCBs - Range from 0.63A to 800A

Contactors - Range from Wide Band Contactors, Type ML, Type MN,
Type MM, Cap. Sw. Contactors

Relays – Range from Type ML, Type MN, MK1

Starters – Range from DOL, Manual Type MF1

Electromagnetic – Range from MN, MK1, ML

Star Delta – Range from MK1, ML, MN

Switches – Range from Type FG, SDF Type FN

Fuses – Range from HF (upto 63), HN (upto 800), Bolted Fuses Type HG

MPCBs – Range from MG1, MG2

Accessories – Range from Limiter, Aux. Contacts, UV Release, Shunt Trip

Control Accessories – Range from Push Button Pendent, Remote Control
Unit Type TK3

Digital Protective Relays – Range from Over Current Relays, Current Sensing Relays, Neutral Displacement Relay, Generator Load Sharing Relay, Voltage Relay, Secondary Relays, Power Factor Control & Monitoring Relay, Motor Protection Relays, Generator Protection Relays, Synchronizing Relays, Voltage/Frequency Relays, Directional Over Current Relays, Transformer Protection Relays, Capacitor Bank Protection Relay, Control & Supervision Relays

Timers – Range from Auto Reset Sync. Timer, ET 100, GT 200, Time Switches, Hour Meter
Electronic Control Station – Range MP1
Electrical Dist. Systems – Range from Electrical Dist. Systems, Distribution boards & enclosures, Connection devices, Protection Devices, Automation & Control devices, Weidmuller Tools & Terminal, Distribution boards & enclosures, Connection devices, Protection Devices, Automation & Control devices, Weidmuller Tools & Terminal

Power Capacitors – Range from 26D MPP-D, 19M MPP-S, 80M MPP-H, 16F MD, 20F FF, 61M MD-XL, 57M MPP-HS, APFC

Rotary Switches – Types S, SG, TP, DC, RT & PS

AC – Range from AC Ratings, Short Circuit Capacity, DC Ratings,Terminal Cross-section, CSA/UL Ratings

Enclosure Systems – Range from Small Enclosures, Large Enclosures, PC enclosure and Case System, Console systems AP

Busbar Trunking System – Range from Lighting Trunking System, Low Power System, Medium Power System

Switchgear India
As one of the oldest Authorised Stockists of Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Punjab Engineering & Mill Stores offers you the complete range of high quality low voltage Switchgear manufactured by Larsen & Toubro, which is a technology-driven USD 5 billion company that infuses engineering with imagination & L&T Switchgear is India’s largest manufacturer of low voltage switchgear. The range includes Air Circuit Breakers, Moulded Case Circuit Breakers, Switch Disconnector Fuses, Changeover Switches, High Rupturing Capacity Fuses, Contactors, Thermal Overload Relays, Starters, Soft Starters, Motor Protection Circuit Breakers, AC Inverter Drives, Programmable logic Controllers, Digital Protective Relays, Rotary Switches, Reactive Power Management Solutions, Control Accessories, Current Transformers, Indicating Meters, Electronic Energy Meters, Modular Devices-Hager, Modular Devices-Tripper, Tebis: Live Life Freely, Wires, Busbar Trunking System, Power Factor Correction Capacitors & Automatic Power Factor Correction Solution (APFC) for variable loads etc. For all your requirements of Switchgear in India, please contact us & visit

Gear Boxes India:
Punjab Engineering & Mill Stores are Authorised Dealers for Shanthi Gear Boxes, Worm Gear Boxes are available upto 17” ratios: 5:1 to 4900:1. These are available in Adaptable, Underdriven, Overdriven, Vertical Hollow Shaft and double reduction models. Besides these, Geared Motors upto 25 H.P. Right Angle Bevel Gear Boxes, Bevel Helical Gear Boxes are available against specific orders. Also, Non-standard & custom built Gear Boxes are also supplied on forward delivery basis. These Gear Boxes find ready acceptability for almost all conceivable applications/industries viz. Textile, Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Fertilizer, Rubber, Plastic, Chemical, Mining, Material Handling, Thermal stations, Electronics, Railways, Defence etc.

Punjab Engineering & Mill Stores can also supply Greaves, Bonfiglioli & Lenze make Gear Boxes. For all your requirement of Gear Boxes,
please contact us or visit

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